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Twitter/Tweetdeck Resources & Links
  • What you missed in one day if you weren't on Twitter: This is an article that gives new users an idea of how Twitter can become a personal learning network.
  • Twitter in 60 seconds (video): A quick and fast look at Twitter for those new to the tool
  • Twitter in Plain English (video): From the "Common Craft" group--a short summary of the possibilities of Twitter
  • Why Educators Use Twitter (video): Short Video clip on why educators use Twitter
  • Twitter: A microblogging tool (your limit is 140 characters per post including spaces and punctuation)
  • Tweetdeck: This is a tool that allows you to follow a number of hashtags in a column format and see everything on one page. Many people use this on their smartphones and laptops.
  • Twitter for Teachers Wiki: At this site you will find a listing of teachers & educators from a variety of disciplines who are frequent and knowledgeable "tweeters" on Twitter. If you are new to this tool and do not yet see the value of the tool, it is all about who you follow. Start following some of the people and you will quickly see the value.

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Handouts, Presentation, Materials
Facebook Privacy Settings:

    1. Log into Facebook
    2. Navigate to Account in the upper right corner
    3. Click on the down arrow to reach the drop-down box for privacy settings (in blue letters)
    4. Click the link to Privacy Settings (in blue)
    5. Control:
      • connecting--controls who can see the information in your profile (preview also), how you & other can connect,
      • sharing--everyone, friends of friends, friends only, recommended or custom (Friends only is recommended)
      • apps & websites--this lists the programs/apps that use Facebook as a framework for playing games, sharing information, etc. You can delete app access if you have accidentally connected another site to your Facebook logon.
      • block lists--this section lets you block people from interacting with you or seeing your information on Facebook.
School & Organization Facebook Pages

Facebook Resources & Links