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Workshop Objectives:
1. Plan an iMovie Project
2. Learn & apply knowledge of importing and editing still, audio and video clips to create a simple iMovie project.

iMovie Planning: Planning is an important first step in any movie project and iMovie is no different. Developing some kind of a plan that can be followed during the process makes everything go smoother. The plan can be as simple as a series of sticky notes with each video clip or picture jotted down and what will be said or written or it can be as complex as a complete notebook with a page for each clip or picture with a place for notes on what type of shot (close, wide angle, etc.) and who will be pictures, the person's lines, etc.

Sample Documents for Planning:
1. Simple Planning Document: Storyboard template.pdf
2. Movie Planning Sheet: storyboard2.pdf
3. Sample Completed Planning Sheet: Storyboard - completed example.pdf
4. On-line Sticky Noteboard: Linoit sample for use with the clips below--iMovie Planning for Training
5. Completed Planning Sheet for Sample with the clips below--

Sample Clips for Tutorial: Download these clips for use in the workshop

Basic Steps to Follow:imovie_logo.jpeg
  1. Open iMovie and select a Theme
  2. File-->New Project (this is the imovie project)
  3. File-->New Event (this is the collection of video clips that you will be creating)
  4. Import Video--it seems to work best to import all of your video at once
  5. Edit Imported Video--Mark the video that you want to use as a Favorite
  6. View Favorited Video--Change the view to only see the video clips you have favorited
  7. Drag Pictures (you can drag directly to your project from the desktop or folder) & Video Clips into your project window--Follow your planning sheet and put the clips in the order that you want to use them
  8. Add Titles (on the right media window--T Icon) Select the type of title you want and drag the titles into the project window. You can put these on top of the clips or make them a title over black.
  9. Add Voice Overs (if desired) using the microphone--you will be directed to click on the clip for the voiceover and then you will get a 3, 2, 1 countdown to begin recording.
  10. Add Transitions (as desired)--Make a selection and drag these between the clips
  11. Add Background Music--the musical note icon in the media pane on the right will allow you to make musical selections which you can drag to the background.
  12. Adjust video clips and audio--fine tuning--Double click any clip in your project window and you will be navigated to the inspector where you can make clip, video and audio adjustments.

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