Favorite Tech Integration Ideas & Sites
Grades K-6 Ideas Shared by ESU#3


Idea Development
Hero Web Site:

The Writing Fix

Kids Poetry Page
This web site can be an idea starter, or a site where students share and publish a poem or essay on their hero. Many teachers and students have found this to be a powerful launch pad for ideas.

Interactive writing prompts, picture book prompts, i-pod use of idea development, etc. This is the one site you need to visit if we could only select one site!
Magnetic fridge poetry. Students can select from 5 different sections of magnetic poetry. Some good story starters and idea builders.
Punctuation Paintball
Students in grades 2-8 will actually work on conventions using this fun web site that incorporates a paintball gun into correctly punctuating a sentence or paragraph. Different skills levels can be used.
Comic Creators
Bit Strips


Read Write Think
Here is a list of comic creators--a fun way to get students in grades 3-6 to write. Think of the "F" in R.A.F.T. (format) and the use of voice and quotations in comic strips.
Here is an example from Bit Strips:bitstrip.jpg

Word Choice
Text Analyzer

Visual Thesaurus
Very Short Stories

Text Analyzer allows the students (or teacher) to copy and paste a selection of text into a box and have it analyzed for word choice, high frequency words, etc. A data-filled tool to get students to look at the "facts" of their writing.

Visual Thesaurus is a fun way to expand student word choice

Communicating a message in under 140 characters--the challenge is on for word choice.

Wordle-word cloud generator
Other Favorites
Starfall: Primary reading and writing site--http://www.starfall.com
Scrambled Poetry
Magnetic Letter Game: http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/Games/mag/spelling.html
Scrabble Tiles in MS Word:
Powerpoint as a Book Creator
Lintor Publishing: http://www.lintorpublishing.com
Peter H Reynolds Site: http://www.peterhreynolds.com
Web English Teacher Site: http://www.webenglishteacher.com/
Red Green Blue Notetaking
Jewel Case Template: