Web 2.0 Tools for Education

Description: The tools below are ones that teachers are using in the classroom to engage 21st Century Learners. Below you will find a link to the tool, a short description and a teacher created sample. Enjoy!

Nice to know with some of these tools--screen capture.
  • On Windows machines: Control Alt Shift "Print Screen Key"
  • On Macs: You have a screen capture program that ships with your machine called, "Grab."

Created wtih Bit Strips as part of a math lesson on angles.

Bit Strips:
online comic creator where students can create a comic to explain anything from a math concept to the function of the kidney

wordle.gif: used to create word clouds (great tool for student reading and writing)

Image Chef:
This web site has over 150 different image related activities for students and teachers.


Wall Wisher:
on-line post it note organizer. Teachers are using this with student to sort and categorize words, meanings, ideas, main concepts, outlining, etc.

bhl.pngBig Huge Labs: a variety of tools are available at this site. Teachers have the student creating "Movie posters" for book reports, poetry in
the form of a motivator poster, trading cards, visual poetry, character posters, etc.

Word Sift: this site is a mash-up that resembles Wordle but includes a visual thesaurus, a word area and a draggable wordsiftlogo.gifimage gallery. Teachers
are using this as a pre-reading strategy to familiarize students with vocabulary and also to create organizers for reading and note taking.

Google.jpgGoogle (smart searching by domain, calculator, timeliner, wonderwheel, etc.) Teachers are not aware of some of the "smart searching" strategies that will help students (and themselves) find what they are looking for quickly and also in different representations.

Google Docs: your teachers may be using this--online document, presentation, spreadsheets and NOW FORMS! Teacgoogledocs.jpghers may be using this but not be aware of the form creation piece which is great for student feedback.
i-Google: How to create a gooogle page that displays a variety of tools in addition to the search engine. Some teachers are using this as their classroom start page once they have the information they want displayed available in widgets.


Animoto: free (to educators) on-line movie creator (ask for or look for the link for educator accounts--I had to e-mail thanimoto.jpge web link to get one :)

stupeflix.png another on-line movie creator where students can create a 30 second video and control the sound, text, images, transitions, etc.

Glogster: create posters, graffiti boards, informational signs, book reports, let your imagination go wild with this FREE tool!

upload and download slideshows that can be edited and viewed in PowerPointslideshare.jpg

picnik.jpg PicNik: on-line tool where no account is needed, image correction and manipulationcooltext.jpg

CoolText: on-line tool for creating text in a variety of formats

voicethread.jpgVoiceThread: upload an image or video and make it available for outside comments and feedback. Art teachers are using this a bunch and
classroom teachers are using this for a wider audience for projects
voice and video connection to others outside of the building/district/state, etc. Some are using the Skype and Author site
or other connections to historical locations, people, etc. (web camera required)

Other Sites to Check Out: